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Reiki Courses

What is Reiki healing?

Reiki is a Japanese word made up of two characters: Rei meaning universal or higher power, and Ki meaning life force energy.

In a nutshell, Reiki is a natural healing method which allows you to absorb more life force energy. It boosts your life force and balances the energies in your body.

It works by connecting the universal life force energy with the body’s innate powers of healing, allowing you to bring yourself back into balance and to bring back harmony into your life.

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Who is it for?

Reiki is for everyone and anyone!

You too can benefit from Reiki. It’s easy to learn and even easier to practice. Anyone can do it and everyone can benefit. Reiki is not in any way religious so there is nothing you need to do, and nothing you have to believe.

As there is no belief system attached to Reiki, anyone can receive or learn to give Reiki treatments. The only prerequisite is a desire be healed or to heal.

How will it benefit me?

Reiki is a spiritual practice which guides us and helps us grow as a person, and can help us feel more comfortable with ourselves and our lives. Everyone finds their own path within Reiki and everyone's experiences are different, but one thing I can guarantee is, you will feel better with Reiki!

Reiki is an integral part of my daily life; in other words, I use Reiki every day. I turn to Reiki when I’m under pressure or in a difficult situation. Reiki helps me relax and perhaps most importantly, I practice Reiki every day as a way of keeping myself balanced and healthy.

What will I learn?

After a Reiki level 1 course, you will be able to use Reiki for yourself and for friends and family, whenever and wherever you choose.

During this experiential workshop you will become more receptive to the Reiki energy through the Reiki initiation process which consists of several Reiki attunements (the process of becoming attuned to Reiki).

You will be introduced to the history of Reiki, the uses of Reiki and discover how to enhance the achievement of goals with Reiki.

You will also learn how to scan yourself and other people, in order to find areas of imbalance and reduced vitality. Furthermore, you will be taught the correct positioning of hands in order to give a Reiki treatment and during the workshop there will be plenty of time for you to practice!

Upon completion of the level 1 course, you will immediately be able to use the Reiki process on yourself, friends and family, and in many areas of your daily life. You will be able to access this wonderful resource whenever and wherever you choose!

After level 1, you can progress to Reiki level 2, deepening your understanding of Reiki and preparing you to use it in a more professional setting.

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How long does it take?

During this one-day experiential workshop I teach groups of a maximum of five people. In this way you get to meet others and share experiences, and yet everyone will also receive individual attention. Please contact me for upcoming dates or see the Florescence Facebook page.

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Reiki Shares

I host regular Reiki shares, so that we may come together and share experiences, as well as enjoy giving and receiving Reiki. Please contact me for more details if you would like to join us for a relaxing, wonderful afternoon or evening session of healing.

Visit Florescence Facebook page for up-to-date information.


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